ISO 22301 Certification

ISO 22301 Certification services guide organizations through the process of achieving compliance with the international standard for business continuity management. My services encompass a comprehensive assessment of the organization's business continuity practices, including documentation, risk management, business impact analysis, recovery strategies, and incident response plans. By conducting gap analyses, developing implementation plans, and providing guidance throughout the certification journey, I assist organizations in meeting the rigorous requirements of ISO 22301. Through this certification, organizations demonstrate their commitment to maintaining effective business continuity practices and enhancing their ability to manage disruptions, ensuring the continuity of critical operations and the trust of stakeholders.


Gap Analysis. Conducting a thorough assessment of the organization's existing business continuity management practices to identify gaps and areas for improvement in relation to ISO 22301 requirements.

Compliance Planning. Developing a comprehensive implementation plan that outlines the necessary steps to achieve compliance with ISO 22301, including policy development, risk assessment, business impact analysis, and recovery strategy development.

Documentation Development. Assisting in the creation and enhancement of business continuity documentation, such as policies, procedures, plans, and records, to align with the ISO 22301 standards.

Training and Awareness. Delivering training sessions and awareness programs to educate employees about ISO 22301 requirements, their roles in the certification process, and the importance of business continuity.

Internal Audits. Conducting internal audits to assess the organization's compliance with ISO 22301 standards and identify any non-conformities or areas that require corrective actions.

Corrective Actions and Continuous Improvement. Providing guidance on addressing identified non-conformities and implementing corrective actions, as well as establishing processes for ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and improvement of the business continuity management system.

Certification Readiness Assessment. Assisting in the preparation for external certification audits by conducting readiness assessments and guiding the organization through the necessary preparations.

Certification Audit Support. Collaborating with the organization and external auditors during the certification audit process, providing support, clarification, and documentation as required.

Post-Certification Support. Offering post-certification support and guidance to help the organization maintain compliance with ISO 22301 requirements and continually improve its business continuity management system.

Compliance Maintenance. Assisting in the development and implementation of processes and procedures to ensure ongoing compliance with ISO 22301 standards and requirements.